Top 5 Tips To Eliminate Plastic

Top 5 Tips To Eliminate Plastic

30th of June, 2018 was an incredible moment for the eco-friendly lovers of Australia. Two of the largest supermarket retailers in Australia, ended the process of handing out free single-use plastic bags. Prior to this milestone, Woolworths was giving out 3.2 billion single-use lightweight plastic bags every year! In a world where plastic is slowly eating up the planet, it is important that we focus on reducing the use of this hazardous material.

Is plastic actually all that bad? You might think plastic is recyclable and helps reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in landfill, and our precious ecosystems. Although, the small amount of plastic that does actually get recycled requires energy and water to reach a form that makes it reusable. Now, considering many of these items such as drink bottles and shopping bags are all single use, that’s a massive amount of energy wasted for a very small purpose in everyday lives.

Then there’s all the plastic that doesn’t end up in the recycling plants; instead it makes its way into oceans, taking hundreds of years to degrade and unleashes harmful toxins into our environment. When plastic is heated or pressurised, toxic chemicals such as BPA, Styrene and Vinyl Chloride can seep out and negatively impact the quality of the air we breathe.

So here are a few tips to make the transition to a plastic-free life:

1. Say no to single-use plastic shopping bags:

This is the primary step to reducing the use of single-use plastic but is sometimes the hardest. As customers we are so conditioned to walk into a supermarket and be handed our purchases in a ready-made bag. It’s now our job to ensure we have a bag to bring home our goods. In saying that, a great brand to try is the Australian brand, Ever Eco Cotton Bags – the four-pack includes two muslin and two cotton net-style bags for $19.95. This four-pack allows the purchaser to keep one or two in your handbag, thereby never reaching the checkout and cursing yourself out for forgetting them again.

2. Say no to plastic straws:

You’d be surprised how many plastic straws are used in everyday life. Any time we purchase a drink, a milkshake, or when we place one into a homemade smoothie – they’re there. But next time you reach for a plastic straw at a café, nightclub or from your stash at home, replace it with a stainless steel straw! Or, deny the offer to use one. Stainless steel straws are ingenious. Ever Eco and Cheeki Stainless steel straws are 100% recyclable, reusable and BPA free. With a wide diameter they’ll fit into any style of drink and they come with a bonus cleaning brush.

3. Say no to single-use coffee cups:

On average, Australians throw away an estimated one billion of single-use coffee cups every year. And they’re not recyclable! If you haven’t already invested in a reusable coffee cup, now is the time. Australia has a few small companies producing their own reusable cups, but we love the brand Cheeki, Ever Eco and Eco Bud for their beautiful high-grade stainless steel that’s shock resistant and will not be stained by the coffee’s acids.

4. Say no to plastic drink bottles:

So many of them end up where they shouldn’t be – in oceans, on beaches, in parks and in landfill.  We love Cheeki’s range of premium stainless steel bottles with leak-proof bamboo and stainless lids. They’re lightweight and insulated so keeping your water chilled is taken care of.

 5. Say no to plastic wraps:

All that single-use plastic used to cover leftovers, and wrap sandwiches is sitting in landfill, taking years to degrade. The easiest and cheapest way to keep our food crisp with a longer shelf life is to invest in reusable wraps. API Wraps are also a fantastic option, made from certified organic cotton and Australian Beeswax in quirky prints, all culminating in an antibacterial product that keeps your food fresher for longer.

So, there you have it. Five simple ways to remove plastic from your everyday life.