Body Detox!

Eating a healthy diet is one of the most important factors in the desire for weight loss.

Water is a necessary part of your daily journey. Infusing your water makes it not only taste better but has the added nutritional benefits as well.

Detox infused water benefits your body and health in so many ways. They help reduce cravings, suppress your appetite, and take in fewer calories. 

As a result, you’ll lose weight and reduce belly fat. 

Infusing your water adds vitamins that help improve your health and jump start your energy.

Ginger & Mango 

1 large mango, 

sliced 1-inch ginger, sliced

 1-inch turmeric, sliced 

2 Litres of water 

Orange Rosemary 

4 springs, rosemary 

1 large orange, sliced 

2 litres of water 

Berries & Pomegranate 

1 handful of blueberries, washed
1 handful of raspberries, washed 

Pomegranate seeds from 1/2 pomegranate

 mint leaves
2 Litres of water

Citrus Sensation 

1 large lemon, sliced

 1 large lime, sliced
1 large orange, sliced 

2 Litres of water 

Green Water 

1 cup fresh watercress, washed

 2 sticks celery
1 cup fresh arugula, 

washed mint leaves 

1 large lemon, sliced 

2 Litres of water 

Blueberry Orange 

1 large orange, sliced

 1 handful blueberries 

2 Litres of water

Mix all your ingredients together

and put in the fridge overnight.

Drink it everyday.

This is great for a general detox including aiding clear skin.